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  • What is an A/V modification?
    Way back in the 70's gaming consoles were connected to the television using a connection to the antenna plug. Basically, the television treated the Atari console as another channel, and you would tune the tv to it using the analogue tuner. Unfortunately, analogue tuners have become a thing of the past and most modern displays have a digital tuner rendering the original Atari 2600 connection useless. Never fear, the A/V composite mod is here! During the modification I remove the original RF tuner and replace it with some modern circuitry and wiring allowing connection to the display using an A/V connector. I only use a quality Australian made modification circuit board during the process to ensure your Atari keeps running for years to come!
  • Why buy from me?
    - All consoles sold on my site are at the very least dismantled, inspected and cleaned internally and externally. - Circuit boards are checked for damage and defective parts are replaced as required. - Consoles are then tested to ensure they are working 100% prior to being placed for sale. - In some cases, controllers are dismantled and thoroughly cleaned removing many years of hand juices. Parts are replaced as required. - I also sell consoles on eBay, check my feedback! My costs are a little higher than a "working" unit but reflect the work that is completed. Atari Consoles All Atari consoles are dismantled, cases cleaned thoroughly, bezels restored (if fitted), circuit boards are cleaned and tested, capacitors, resistors and voltage regulators are replaced with brand new parts. Switches are restored (or replaced) for smooth operation and problematic IC's are replaced (TIA, RIOT and CPU). Some consoles are professionally upgraded with a quality AV modification for hassle free connection to later model televisions (check item description) The refurbishment process replaces and restores components that have or are likely to fail. You should get another 40+ years from after the refurb!
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Due to the age and nature of the products being sold, a warranty cannot be offered. If the product is found to be defective on receipt, please contact me to discuss a resolution. All consoles and accessories are tested prior to sale!
  • What is the difference between 'vintage' and 'retro'?
    Vintage differs from retro because of age, or the lack thereof. Vintage items are at least 20 years old and bring back a feeling of nostalgia, highlighting good times of the past. Retro items are newer items that evoke styles of times past but do not actually come from a different time era. Retro items are often more affordable than genuine vintage items, making them a great choice for those looking to fill a space with an older charm on a smaller budget. These two types of items blend perfectly since retro items are meant to look like vintage items. Source:
  • How is my item shipped?
    I use a combination of Aus Post or couriers to ship all of my items. Tracking will always be supplied so you know where your purchase is! Don't expect any flash boxes or packaging as I keep costs down by recycling boxes and packaging to the best of my ability. As I am constantly sending and receiving stock it seemed a waste to be binning boxes to replace with a nice newie!
  • Handling time for shipping?
    I will usually get your item shipped within 2 days of purchase however, sometimes I may be deployed for work causing dispatch delays. I will inform you asap if this is the case!
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